What is Tbol?

Also called as "Dianabol without bloating", Turinabol (Tbol) has been widely used by professional athletes and bodybuilders for a long time. The chemical structure of T-bol is very much similar to Dianabol that is used for enhancing mass gain and strength. With a certain sense of mystery surrounding its present and a history that can be defined as fascinating, Tbol is undoubtedly one of the most interesting steroids that you can buy.

As Tbol promotes strength and mass gain slowly, Tbol results will be identifiable over a certain period of time. Tbol will provide you with impressive amount of mass without any fluid. It is an exceptional choice for individuals who are finding it difficult to gain lean mass that adds more definition to the muscles.

Within a period of 4 to 8 weeks, Tbol will work its magic and will provide you with a solid, ripped look. Apart from improving strength and muscle mass, Tbol is also linked to improving the amount of fibre in muscles, enhancing the protein synthesis process and also improving your overall performance.

Tbol, as a drug, has an accelerated clearance rate from blood that makes it an obvious choice for people who do not want to test positive in drug testing. Your system can be completely free from this steroid within a short span of time and as a result, you will be able to use Turinabol right before the competition.

Another reason to buy Tbol is its impressive androgenic rating, which stands at only 50. This makes it an excellent choice for women who want to retain their femininity and men who want to reduce the androgenic effects.

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Turinabol Profile:

  • Effective Dosage- 30-50mg/day
  • Detection Time- 10 to 11 months
  • Active Life- 16 hours
  • Androgenic/Anabolic Ratio- 50/180

Effects of Turinabol

Tbol is one of the most famous anabolic steroids which helps in improving your strength, performance, stamina, and efficiency. Another amazing benefit of oral Turinabol is its ability to promote muscles and solidity. If we talk about the features of this steroid then it lies somewhere in between Oxandrolone and Danabol, along with minor side-effects and mild anabolic activity that are almost similar or a little greater than that of testosterone while reducing androgenic properties.

T-bol is generally advertised as a steroid that helps in cutting; it is something that it does exceptionally well. In reality, its rock solid and dry appearance makes it a mass builder as well but with emphasis on cutting. Statistically, it's Tbol that provides better mass gains when compared with other cutters, like Winstrol or Anavar.

Top Benefits of Tbol:

  • Increased lean muscle without the water weight
  • Improved strength without causing excess gain in weight (this makes it highly beneficial for weight class sports)
  • Muscles get tighter without resulting in a puffy look
  • Turinabol side-effects are minor
  • Strongly binds to the SHBG

How to Use Turinabol

If you are just starting with Tbol cycle, only 20-30mg should be enough. Professional bodybuilders consume Tbol dosage of 40-60mg on a daily basis to also make use of Tbol only cycle to gain better results. Tbol will provide you with solid muscles that will have well-defined mass, improve your strength, and keep the fluid retention at low levels. Its side-effects related to estrogen are also very rare. 10mg Turinabol tablets are also very famous among power-lifters who want to gain these benefits.

Men as well as women can buy Turinabol cycle to gain its strength enhancing and muscle building properties. However, women are recommended to consume the steroid in low quantities to enjoy its benefits. If you are a female who is going to start Tbol, 5mg a day should be sufficient in the beginning and 10-20mg a day should be the maximum amount. It is very important for females to start with 5mg a day in the beginning because high doses at the very beginning can increase the risk of virilisation.

It is also recommended that to gain maximum benefits from Turinabol cycle, you should use it along with other AAS on a cyclic basis. When used with testosterone or any other similar androgen, Tbol is known to have a synergistic effect because it reduces the SHBG. SHBG is known to link itself with the testosterone and makes it inactive. As a result, testosterone is unable to function as it should. This is where Turinabol enters into the process. It blends with the SHBG and allows testosterone to function as it should. Thus, it is recommended that you should combine small amounts of Tbol with other AAS to get better efficiency.

The most effective dose of Tbol is consuming 40-60mg on a daily basis. It can be used with Winstrol and Trenbolone. The combined effect will provide you with sculpted, dense and solid muscles. It can also be used in mass gaining and cutting cycles along with Testosterone, Methenolone and Sustanon. This will provide you with an abundance of lean mass without any water retention.

Side Effects of Tbol

When it comes to tbol side-effects, it is a lot better than many other steroids as it doesn't result in different serious side-effects, like water retention, excessive estrogen or gyno. Moreover, it instantly gets absorbed and thus gets eliminated quickly as well.

As mentioned above, Turinabol is very much similar to Dianabol and you can replace Methandieone with Turanabol tablets to prevent side-effects related to estrogen and aromatization (gyno, water retention, etc).

Tbol is a c17alfa-alkylated steroid, Tbol can prove hepatotoxic for liver and thus, it is highly recommended that you should not use Tbol along with other c17alfa-alkylated steroids. But if you want to use another c17alfa-alkylatd steroid along with Tbol, do not use both of them together for more than 2 months. Apart from this, there are no other major tbol side-effects. It is one of the best anabolic steroids that are well-tolerated by the body.

Tbol Review

If you check the reviews of Turinabol online or ask people who are using it, they will confirm that Turinabol not only promises but does its job effectively. Tbol is known to work slowly to provide you with solid gains over a period of several weeks. It will not provide you with instant strength or mass gain like other steroids, such as Testosterone and Anadrol. However, Tbol results will be visible over time as it doesn't have the androgenic properties, like many other steroids which result in a puffy look.

Turinabol is an excellent choice for both beginners as well as professional athletes. It will provide you with excellent, solid gains without any water retention. Moreover, its low androgenic rating also makes it an excellent choice when gains and negative health effects are compared. The correct Turinabol dosage, on a regular basis, will provide you with enhanced strength and lean mass gain without causing any androgenic side effects.

While it functions slowly, it will provide you with high-quality lean muscle gains to help you achieve a solid, ripped body. Its impressive efficiensy is due to its ability which helps in promoting moderate strength, mass and weight with little or no negative effects. It will not result in progestogenic activity or aromatization.

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