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Boldever (Boldenone-undeclynate) Vermodje

Boldenone-undeclynate is a chemical term of injectable anabolic steroid Boldever, aka EQ. Boldenone is widely used by musclebuilders and weightlifters as it is outstanding bulking anabolic steroid that strongly enhances muscular grow. Equipoise provide nice and clean gains. You will notice huge increase in strength and more importantly increased endurance that is helping you to push through training and stimulate more muscle growth.

Boldenone is loved by many for the hard lean muscle tissue it provides, it also gives superior muscle definition and stamina. It's results typically remain stable, as a result of the quite long undecylenate ester chain. Furthermore, it will raise appetite, instead of decreasing it, which makes Boldever favorable for all those on a mass-gaining cycle. The fact that Boldever is less expensive in comparison with several similar effective steroids is another key benefit.

Gains on Boldever

Like many steroid drugs these days, Boldenone-undecylenate was initially developed as a veterinarian steroid, mostly for horses. Boldever's goal, like every vet AAS, is to bulk up, add more strong muscle mass and definition. The muscle developing benefits of boldenone-undecylenate, as expected, produced an attention in the sports as well as bodybuilding society.

Numerous individuals typically compare Boldenone and Methandrostenolone chemically. Their benefits and issues are really different. While Methandrostenolone is ingestible, as a result of its 17aa modification, which helps it to become an oral drug, EQ is an injectable anabolic steroid. You can find several other significant differences, as well. Boldever does not aromatize, do not suppress testosterone or give estrogenic sides as Dianabol. EQ is not harmful to the liver, increases endurance and saturates the blood with oxygen better than all other steroids. It's cheap, efficient and gives excellent dry muscles without extra water.

Boldenone-undecylenate can also be used like a steroid for cutting; the truth is, it might be the most useful way of use. The following steroid is a wonderful defender of lean musculature. Equipoise will greatly shield you from the loss in lean muscular tissue. Such effects will be considerably enhanced when Boldenone combined with a non-aromatizing steroid drug such as Masteron or Trenbolone.

Boldever steroid profile:

  • Effective dosage (Men): 400-1000 mgs/weekl, (Girls): 100 - 250 milligrams/week
  • Half Life: 15 days
  • Detection Period: around half a year
  • Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 100:50

Boldever Vermodje - EQ Doses

400-700mg per week will be the normal dose for men. Many people will advise you to jump from 400 mg to 600mg which provides significantly distinct results, some pro-builders which can use more than 600 milligrams each week for better gains. For women, a popular dosage would be 100-200mg weekly, but because of androgenic effects, if any virilization issues is noticed, you should be careful. Listen to yourself for signs or symptoms, lower your dosage or discontinue it's use completely. Give it a try at 300-400 milligrams if everything is fine, do the next step ONLY if your body handles it nicely and you believe it is justified.

Side-effects of Boldever

Unwanted side effects of Boldenone-undecylenate use are definitely possible, but the majority of healthy adults have to find them manageable. At the end, every person has to decide what works good, at what dose, cycle length and in what combinations. Unwanted effects which are insufferable for someone else might never be an issue for you, just be careful and don't hurry into higher doses.

Boldever does not aromatize heavily. Elevated levels of estrogen can prove problematic in excess water retention and "bitch-tits", the promotion of high blood pressure, if bloating becomes intense.

Boldenone-undeclynate is risk-free and almost never triggers "bitch tits". Although, while mixing Equipoise with Test, negative effects risk will be increased. Not all will need an anti-estrogen in this particular case, but it's almost always a good idea to get one beforehand.

Boldever Feedback and Reviews

For decades, it has been supposed that EQ was quite similar to Deca-durabolin. This was in part based on comments which D. Duchaine presented about Boldenone-undecylenate. The original statement has been enough to keep the rumor living, even though Dan would renounce the statement. Boldever or Equipoise, as it's generally known is unique in its own right, although it'd be testosterone in some way similar to Boldenone-undecylenate.

Boldever promotes boosts in strength. Because of pretty long detection period, it is not prefered by plenty of sportsmen. This particular anabolic steroid provides numerous advantages, not only in a rise in power but a remarkable escalation in stamina. Due to its low conversion rate to estrogen the drug doesn't have any estrogenic negative effects and that's why numerous bodybuilders use it about 1 gram per week. Next, virilization happens rarely, thus it can be used by women athletes without any fears.

Boldever for sale

Equipoise is widely available on the veterinarian and black markets. Nearly every underground lab manufactures their own Boldenone Undecylenate. When it comes to the Boldenone, we have one of the most commonly counterfeited steroids. In fact, most of users have tried counterfeited or low quality Bold. Under-dosing of Boldenone is a massive problem, labed as EQ it actually containins a large ester testosterone.

You should be mindful when it comes to a purchase of Boldenone. Buying Equipoise from unverified supplier comes with potential risks.

Buy Boldever from our shop without fears. We work directly with a factory and offer you only high quality EQ for sale. Our products authenticity can be checked directly on the factory website. If you order Boldever from us, you get just Boldenone-Undecylenate inside.

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