Anastrozole: King of Aromatase Inhibitors

Arriving from the family of Aromatase Inhibitors (AI), Anastrozole is one of the most effective anti-estrogens. Zenaca Pharmaceuticals developed Anastrozole in the early 1990s and it was launched in the market in the year 1995 under the name Arimidex. It is one of the most commonly used and available anti-estrogen available in the market today.

It is highly effective, much more than the traditionally used Nolvadex. It is also very famous and top-choice among professional bodybuilders.

If you are using aromatizing steroids, Anastrozole will surely provide you with impressive benefits. For instance, you might suffer from estrogen-related side-effects, like gyno and water bloating if you are using aromatizing steroids. Adding Anastrozole while on cycle, you will completely reduce the possibility of these side-effects. Moreover, you will also get a more solid and ripped body.

Anastrozole is highly effective aromatase inhibitor. Innumerable AAS users rely on Anastrozole to protect themselves from estrogen-related side effects. This is because AAS can result in aromatization and an excess production of estrogen that will affect your gains and health. As a result, Anastrozole is one of the most commonly recommended drugs for both amateur and professional bodybuilders who are on AAS cycle.

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Benefits of Anastrozole for men

While there are many other drugs that can tackle the side effects of estrogen in men as well as in women, Anastrozole is the best among them. There are multiple ways to reduce the amount of estrogen -- destroy it, block it, occupy the existing receptors of estrogen, reduce SBHG or prevent increased amount of testosterone from aromatizing to estrogen in the first place. Last one is how Arimidex work.

The way Anastrozole acts is very simple and it is highly effective at the same time. It is able to inhibit the aromatization process to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. In studies, it has been found that it suppresses as much as 80% of estrogen. While it surely is very effective, the results can vary. The only thing that is sure is that you will get impressive results.

Using Arimidex for men will prevent the development of side effects caused due to estrogen while on AAS cycle. A large number of anabolic steroids result in severe side-effects related to estrogen because testosterone interacts with the aromatase enzyme.

When aromatization takes place, the amount of estrogen starts rising that can lead to water retention and gyno. Moreover, this can also affect your gains during the cycle and accelerate the rate at which you lose the gains after the AAS cycle.

Not all the AAS result in aromatization and also the ones that do lead to aromatization will not compulsorily lead to estrogenic side effects. Dianabol is prone to aromatization to an extent, whereas Sustanon carries a major possibility of aromatization.

If you are on steroids that can lead to it, you will be protected from water retention and gyno by using Arimidex. You will also be able to gain better results from the cycle.

Moreover, it will protect you from hypertension. As Arimidex helps in preventing aromatization, which is the process of testosterone converting into estrogen, it can be used in PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and treatment plans that are recommended for low testosterone levels.

Anastrozole Dosage. How much Arimidex to take?

As far as the dosage of Anastrozole for men is concerned, you are required to consume very small amounts of it. The Arimidex dosage ranges between 0.25 to 0.50mg per day. If you are only beginning with an Anastrozole cycle, you can consume half of this dosage. If it is being used for treatment of low testosterone levels, then even lesser amount should be used.

As testosterone is a common drug in any AAS cycle, it is important to find a way to manage estrogen. Anastrozole for men can be a perfect choice for this job as it does the job of keeping the estrogen levels in control easily. While the results may vary among users, generally 1/4th of an Anastrozole tablet is sufficient in most of the cases when the testosterone amount is lesser than 750mg in a week. Remember that more amount of Anastrozole will be required if you are using Dianabol or other aromatizing compounds; and lesser if you are using Primobolan, Anavar or other non-aromatizing compounds.

Anastrozole in PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

While Anastrozole is already popular as an Aromatase Inhibitor, another feather has adjoined its crown in the recent years -- a PCT drug.

While SERMS, like Clomid, were generally used in the past, Anastrozole is gaining huge popularity as a PCT drug which helps in the recovery by inhibiting the excess amounts of estrogen that can take place after a cycle in suppressed stages. HCG is generally recommended in these stages, however, it can also increase estrogen. As a result, a lot of people now prefer using Anastrozole along with HCG for added safety.

Possible Arimidex Side Effects

Anastrozole comes with its own share of possible side effects. Most of the Arimidex side effects will be related to how you respond to the drug. The type of sides that are very common with not only AAS but also with other common medications, like Aspirin. Some of us can use Aspirin while others cannot. Similarly, the side effects of Anastrozole will also depend on your response to its usage.

People who use Anastrozole without using an anabolic steroid generally complain of fatigue and weakness. As a matter of fact, these are the most commonly observed Arimidex sides.

If you are on AAS cycle, the low dosage of Anastrozole for men should not result in any weakness or fatigue. But they can be observed if you are on a competition or hard cutting cycle where training is very intense and calorie consumption is very low.

Anastrozole side effects are not related to cholesterol levels but when used alone, there have been certain cases where it does. Nonetheless, you are still required to follow a healthy lifestyle. Your diet should not contain heavy amounts of simple sugars and saturated fats, and high amounts of omega fatty acids are recommended.

Anastrozole Reviews

Due to the amazing effectiveness of Anastrozole, it is the most famous AI all over the world.

If you use anabolic steroid, Anastrozole is what you need.

How Much Arimidex Costs?

One of the most common reasons for people to not buy Anastrozole is its high cost. Especially the beginners, who dont know that it's extremely effective, do not usually buy it as it is very expensive.

Many people believe that buying an AI, which is even more expensive than anabolic steroids, doesn'make a lot of sense. This group of people generally look for other alternatives that are easily affordable or generic Anastrozole.

Experienced users understand that the effectiveness and benefits of Arimidex are the key to better gains and safety. And they prefer investing in it, irrespective of the cost. If you are using an anabolic steroid, what is the value of using it when you are not able to gain the desired results? Experienced users have this approach towards bodybuilding and as a result, they do not mind investing in Anastrozole.

Also, it is important to remember that a lot of AAS fans become highly prone to developing tissues around the chest area. This condition is known as Gynecomastia or "bitch- Tits" While this is already annoying enough, your gym members will not leave a single opportunity to make fun of you due to this.

Anastrozole is an excellent remedy for preventing the growth of maleboobs. Arimidex is one of the most commonly used drug that is used by most of the beginners and even pro bodybuilders using steroids throughout the world.

Where to Buy Anastrozole?

Anastrozole is available online. With a bit of searching you' find it easily. But remember that Anastrozole is a very expensive drug. If you land on a website that is selling Anastrozole at a cheap cost, it indicates that the Anastrozole they are selling is fake. While the low cost of Anastrozole might sound tempting, it is better to stay away from such products as they can result in severe side effects.

People behind these websites do not really care about your health and will sell you anything and everything, irrespective of the safety of the product. If you have been using AAS for some time, you might already know how harmful such fake products are and from what kind of consequences you may suffer.

While searching for Anastrozole online, you should try to find a balance between its quality and cost. The Anastrozole we sell is of the highest- quality and can be checked on the manufacturer'website for its originality. We are able to keep the cost of Anastrozole cheaper than most of the other sellers as we directly work with the manufacturers. As a result, you will always get 100% genuine products at the most affordable rates.

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